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Fire Doors Save Lives

Fire doors are a crucial part of any public, commercial or multiple-occupancy buildings protection strategy. They resist fire and smoke, protect escape routes and essentially save lives.

Each Fire Door comprises of a number of elements including the door leaf, frame, seals and essential hardware such as hinges, latches and door closers. The way the door is installed and maintained are equally important and all of these elements need to work together to ensure that the Fire Door will work as required if or when the time comes.

Any part of the assembly which has been incorrectly specified, installed or has become damaged in some way can compromise the whole door, with catastrophic consequences.

What do you need to know?

Fire Doors save lives, as long as they are working properly. So what regulations do you need to be aware of and who will be held responsible if things go wrong?

1. Legislation

Regular Fire Door Inspections and maintenance of Fire Doors is essential to comply with Building Regulations and British Standards BS8214 and BS9999.

2. Responsibility

If you have been designated the ‘responsible person’, i.e. the person with ‘day-to-day’ control of the building itself, for fire safety in a building, then it is your duty to take steps to protect occupants in your premises from the risk of smoke and fire.

3. Saving Lives

Fully functional and properly maintained Fire Doors are conducive to a safe environment for all building occupants.

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Experts in the Industry

Our parent company, KCC Group have a long history in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of products pertaining to the door environment.

Our Fire Door Inspection service is part of the KCC’s Maintenance & Inspection Division and our team of skilled engineers and inspectors operate on a nationwide level across a wide variety of sectors.

The benefit of working with Fire Doors Inspections is that our inspectors can not only provide an in-depth report on each individual Fire Door in your building, they can also advise and arrange for the necessary repairs to be carried out.

About Repairs

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Our skilled team of Fire Door Inspectors have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the Fire Doors in your building are functioning correctly and are fully compliant with all current standards and regulations. Click here to download our brochure or click below to contact us directly.

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