KCC Fire Door Inspections

Regular inspection and maintenance are key

Regular Inspection and maintenance of Fire Doors is essential to comply with current legislation, but most importantly to keep people and property safe.

We have a skilled team of qualified Fire Door Inspectors operating across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with headquarters in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

Our team will check all of your Fire Doors on-site to ensure that they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants against smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Our Fire Door Inspection service also provides a detailed maintenance inspection report of all your fire and exit doors, using the latest data collection software.

The Inspection itself covers:

Door leaf
Door frame
Door closer (self-closing devices)
Intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals
Glazing (vision panels)
Locks and levers/handles
Fire safety signage
Hold open devices
Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps
Door Structure

How often should your Fire Doors be inspected?

A Fire Door is a life safety device in any building. Therefore they should be checked frequently to ensure that they are operating correctly and that they will provide a barrier to flames and smoke. The same consideration should be given to Fire Door testing as fire extinguisher or fire alarm testing. These devices are designed to save lives in the event of a fire emergency and should be inspected and maintained regularly.

Part B of the Building Regulations 2006 references BS 8214 as providing appropriate guidance for the routine inspection and maintenance of Fire Doors.

BS8214:2008 advises that Fire Doors should be inspected every six months (Clause 13.2.1). Clause V.6.2 of Annex V of BS 9999:2008 and Clause L.6.2 of BS 5588-12:2004 also advises that Fire Doors should be inspected every six months.

Detailed reports on your fire doors

Our highly trained inspectors will identify any doors that do not meet the recommended standard and will compile a detailed report outlining any defects and faults with your fire doors.