KCC Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors save lives...

As part of our post-inspection service, our in-house team can facilitate the remedial works to ensure your doors are compliant.

We assess each Fire Door in your building individually under strict criteria to ensure that each single component will perform as designed and all elements work together as one unit. If required, we can then work with you to ensure the necessary repairs take place.

Some of the most common repairs include:

  • Poorly hung door leaf that needs to be re-positioned to minimise gaps around the unit
  • Replacement of intumescent seals and strips
  • Damaged woodwork where heavy daily use has worn down or cracked the materials over time
  • Cracked or damaged vision panels
  • Non-stamped or non-fire rated glazing used in vision panels
  • Defective or non fire-rated ironmongery such as hinges, locks and levers
  • Defective door closing device
  • Lack of compliant Fire Door Signage
  • Malfunctioning hold open devices or obstacles to door closing

Expert Repairs

In some instances, repair work will be required and in others, where the level of damage is too high, replacement doors may be the only solution. Either way, we offer solutions to reduce maintenance costs, increase the lifespan of the door and frame whilst retaining fire integrity and aesthetics.


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Our team will check all of your Fire Doors on-site to ensure that they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants against smoke and flames in the event of a fire.